How to Use My Farm Records
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How to use My Farm Records
Selecting your account

After logging in, a page loads displaying all linked accounts with balances. If you have multiple accounts, they will all be listed here. If one of your accounts is missing, please contact support at the bottom of this page.

Click the blue account number to view details for that account. Only one account can be viewed at a time. Account details can be restricted by date range to quickly locate the transaction you are looking for.

Invoices and statements have a PDF icon beside the invoice number. Click this icon to view a printable copy of that invoice. Alternatively, click the “View All PDFs” button to display only transactions with a printable PDF.

How to view an invoice pdf

Personal information including email and password can be changed from your user profile. Access your profile by clicking your name above the logout button.

Important: Changing your address in your user profile DOES NOT update County Farm Centre’s main customer database. You still need to notify us if your address changes.

If you have any questions regarding My Farm Records require support, please contact us.

You can also email direct to or call (613) 476-2171.