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myFS Solution Centre - County Farm Centre

What is Single Sign On? What is the Benefit?

The Benefit of Single Sign On capabilities will allow customers to sign in once! This will allow free movement between our other myFS applications.

The Single Sign On will also allow customers to move between two or more accounts at different FS member companies (if applicable) with ease and no additional sign on is needed.

Features right now on myFS Solution Centre

  • FAQs on all Account Activity
    • Statements/Invoices with due dates
  • Volume Statements – myFS Customer (great for year-end reporting)
    • All transactions by type/date/field
    • View/print/email PDF and excel
  • Farm/Field data
    • Weather – history, current and forecast
    • Seamless interaction within myFS
  • Connections with myFS Agronomy tools*

Coming Soon...

  • Bookings
    • Sign Contracts
    • View Opened/Closed Contracts
  • Plan Interaction – near real time
    • Plan visibility
    • Approval/Decline plan
    • Can comment on plans