Animal Nutrition: Dairy
Masterfeeds an Alltech company

County Farm Centre, Masterfeeds and Alltech offer a wide range of nutritional products targeted towards maximizing the growth and health potential of dairy cattle through all stages of life, from calving to lactation, and through the transition periods while maintaining an optimal bottom line.

Holstein cows eating

The Summit Dairy Program offers:

  • Top performing products supported with proven research and field trials
  • Milk replacers delivering better results than even mother’s milk
  • Formulations that enhance intake in very young and weaned calves (Power Calf Program- accelerated growth program for calves and heifers, supported by proven on farm results)
  • Formulations for better health, growth and lifetime productivity
  • Rations and supplements to promote optimal milk production
  • Pelleted rations proven to entice cows through the robotic systems with ease
  • Block supplements aiding optimal lactation, transitional periods, and times of stress
Masterfeeds Dairy Feed
In addition to our great line of products, we also offer on farm services which include:
  • TMR audits: designed to make sure your TMR mixer is mixing efficiently and consistent, with very little variation in the bunk.
  • Fecal Screening and Penn State Particle Sieve – “Shaker Box” Analysis: done to better understand rumen efficiency and utilization of feed.
  • Heifer Weigh and Measures: done to measure and monitor growth performance and feed efficiency.
We also provide toxin risk analysis reports through Alltech that have a direct impact on animal health and production. Additionally, we are now using an innovative technology called Fermentrics to determine microbial bio mass production that measures gas fermentation capabilities of feedstuffs, which translates to rumen efficiency, helping us to determine how the animal is utilizing the given feed.
Animal feed and fecal tests