Since we carry so many different products, it is impossible for us to list everything we sell. This page is designed to help answer common questions we receive from customers placing orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is not a complete list but it contains the most common ones. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please request it anyway when placing your order and we will do our best.

-Bush Beans – Tendergreen, Slenderette, Pencil Pod Black Wax, Golden Wax, Royal Burgandy

-Pole Beans – Kentucky Wonder Green, Kentucky Wonder Wax

-Beets – Detroit Dark Red, Cylindra

-Carrots – Nantes Coreless, Imperator, Rainbow Blend

-Cantaloupe – Hale’s Best. Delicious 51

-Sweet Corn – Golden Bantam, Peaches and Cream Early

-Cucumber – Straight Eight, Chicago Pickling, English Telegraph (on supports), Patio Snacker (Container)

-Endive – Broad Leaved Batavian

-Kale – Dwarf Curled Scotch, Red Russian

-Kohlrabi – Purple or White Vienna

-Leaf Lettuce – Grand Rapids, Oakleaf, Salad Bowl

-Romaine Lettuce – Paris White Cos

-Mesclun – Salad Green, Spicy, Mild

-Onion – Early Yellow Globe, Southport White Bunching

-Parsley – Italian Plain, Hamburg Root

-Parsnip – Hollow Crown

-Peas – all

-Snow Pea – all 

-Sugar Snap Pea – all

-Pumpkin – Small Sugar (baking), Connecticut Field, Jack O’Lantern

-Summer Radish – Cherry Belle, Early Scarlet Globe, French Breakfast

-Winter Radish – China Rose, China White

-Swiss Chard – all

-Spinach – Long Standing Bloomsdale, Olympia Hybrid

-Summer Squash – Spaghetti, Zucchini Dark Green, Vegetable Marrow

-Winter Squash – Burgess Buttercup, Waltham Butternut, Green Hubbard

We sure do!

Seed Potatoes – Chieftan, Kennebec, Yukon gem, Superior

Seed Onions – Spanish, Multiplier, Dutch sets