Frozen Food

Frozen Food Deals

Hungry for some homestyle goodness at the end of a long day? Tired of running for pizza take-out? How about a new frozen meal idea!

We offer a great selection of premium quality frozen food products for you to choose from. Our prices are very affordable and competitive. Come check out our vast selection, we are proud to say that we offer everything from soup to peanuts!

Some of our products include:
Fresh fruits, vegetables full of flavor, cowboy steaks that will knock your socks off, meat pies that will have you coming back for seconds, smokey bacon, gourmet desserts such as cupcakes, ice-cream, and date squares 

Our local product selection includes:
Angus Beef from Leavitt farms: Is the best East Lake has to offer, resulting in extremely tender, juicier and always packed with flavor local beef. 

Honey from Hogans’ Honey: This local apiaries was established in 1934, they carry lovely light white honey, flavorful wildflower honey best in morning coffee or tea, and strong buckwheat honey which will alleviate even the roughest coughs and illness.

Maple syrup from Vader’s Maple Syrup: Since 1910 The family run saphouse & store has been passed down generation to generation resulting in the Vader’s distinctly decadent maple flavor.

Cheese from Black River: Naturally aged cheddars, Premium Gouda and fresh Curds are some of the renowned products. Black River is known for its passionate and dedication to producing only the finest quality cheese, with a focus on natural and local ingredients.