Year end with myFS

Not only does myFS give you quick access to your account balance and copies of invoices, statements and payments copies, it makes year end very easy.

To pull an entire year's summary

  1. Click on products on the left side (see screenshot)Section listing on left side of screen
  2. Click on           Filters
  3. Choose your desired time period and click        Apply Filters
  4. All products bought in the time period will display
  5. At the very bottom there is a summary of total amount spent, including a tax summary

To pull an invoice summary

Invoices sidebar

  1. Click on invoices on the left side (see screenshot) 
  2. Click on export on the top right Export
  3. Fill in desired time period and export

To pull a volume statement


  1. Click on Statements on the left side (see screenshot)
  2. Click onCreate Report
  3. Choose your desired time period and click Run Report
  4. Click DownloadVolume statement example

A helpful tip:

If preferred, you can have your accountant create their own myFS login and they would have access to all your invoices, statements and payments for the year.