What we offer
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County Farm Centre is trained to monitor your fields for insects, weeds and diseases. We have qualified staff who will offer accurate and reliable agronomic information. Your time is valuable-let us be your eyes in the field.

Our highly qualified staff is able to take soil samples and make recommendations to optimize your fertilizer benefits while minimizing cost. We are then able to custom blend fertilizer to suit your individual needs. We also offer 28%, liquid starter and popular fertilizer blends are available in bags.

You have the option of having our professional staff custom apply your dry and liquid fertilizer or if you prefer we have a fleet of spreaders for your use.

We carry a large line of seed offering the best genetics from DEKALB, Brevant, Pride and Quality Seeds. Let us help you make the best choice for your farm.

We also offer an opportunity for producers to be part of IP soybean premium contracts. Be sure to discuss this program with us.

We stock a complete line of crop protection products. The herbicides, insecticides and fungicides can be custom applied or bought over the counter. If you prefer custom application you can be assured it will be done with modern, well maintained and accurate equipment.

All our operators are fully trained and licensed to provide you with the highest quality of service available.

We also have a selection of crop protection products for local grape growers.

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