Absolutely the best fuel to power and protect diesel engines

If you’re using Dieselex® Gold, your diesel fuel is providing you with the best power, efficiency and protection available for diesel engines today.

Dieselex Gold helps save fuel and save money. When your filters and injectors are clean, your engine produces maximum power and peak efficiency. Dieselex Gold contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, fuel stabilizers and moisture control chemistry to keep your fuel clean and flowing freely.

Combined with the detergency that keeps injectors clean, it all adds up to improved efficiency. In fact, our test fleet showed a 5.7% gain in fuel efficiency. Depending on the price of fuel, that can equate significant savings per litre!

Formulated to take you further

Since 1952, Dieselex® Gold has been improving diesel fuel performance. By optimizing eight unique chemistries in combination with #2 diesel fuel, Dieselex Gold has earned a reputation for restoring lost horsepower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today’s sophisticated fuel systems. There have been many changes over the years. Advanced engine technology, stricter emissions standards, environmentally-friendly renewable fuels and the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) are just a few of the major ones. But Dieselex Gold has changed too. And with the most recent reformulation, Dieselex Gold cleans up “sticky” internal injector deposits otherwise known as internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) that rob modern high pressure common rail equipped engines of valuable horsepower and fuel economy.

  • Restore lost horsepower
  • Clean injectors for better fuel efficiency
  • Assist with faster engine starts
  • Protect fuel system components
  • Extend fuel storage life
  • Prevent internal injector deposits
  • Precision blended

More Power, Greater Efficiency, Lasting Protection

Over time and often unnoticed, diesel engines lose horsepower. Much of this loss is attributable to poor injector spray patterns caused by traditional carbonaceous deposits that clog injector tips and orifices or “sticky” deposits that interfere with the normal operation of the fuel injectors. In as little as 16 hours of operation, the detergency in Dieselex Gold starts cleaning up dirty injectors and improving combustion. Operators report noticeable differences, usually in terms of less shifting on hills or in terms of pulling equipment in higher gears.

While it is difficult to promise exact fuel efficiency improvements, we frequently hear reports between 5 – 8% with some documented records showing as high as a 20% improvement! After doing the math, that can equate to as much as a 200-400% return on the additional cost of buying Dieselex Gold compared to straight #2 diesel fuel. What else provides that level of return?

If restored power and greater fuel efficiency weren’t enough, Dieselex Gold contains chemistry to protect vital engine parts. By preventing premature plugging of filters, Dieselex Gold reduces maintenance costs and downtime during crucial operations. It also extends the life of costly, high-tech fuel pumps and injectors. Reduced maintenance, fewer repairs and less downtime lead to real cost savings over the long haul.

Cleans injectors for restored horsepower and better fuel economy
Clean injectors are necessary for maximum horsepower and fuel economy. Dieselex Gold contains detergent
chemistry that cleans up traditional carbonaceous deposits that form on injector tips and plug injector orifices as well as the newer internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) that cause injectors to become “sticky.” Newer engines equipped with high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems are especially prone to the “sticky” IDID deposits that cause loss of power and fuel economy as well hard starts.

Dieselex Gold contains robust detergency that cleans up dirty injectors and keeps them clean. In fact, Dieselex Gold passes the Peugeot DW-10 and XUD-9 Injector Tests that measure detergency effectiveness.

Starts engines faster and produces lower emissions
Cetane is a measure of ignition quality and fuels with a high cetane number combust better. Better combustion
leads to quicker starts with less knocking and smoke. It also reduces harmful emission like NOx, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter. Typical #2 diesel fuel in the Midwest has a cetane rating of 42 to 45. The typical cetane number of Dieselex Gold is 46 to 49.

Protects metal from rust and corrosion
Dieselex Gold extends fuel system life and reduces downtime from plugged filters by reducing corrosion and its by-products.

Corrosion and rust can occur when metal is exposed to moisture. Pieces of degraded metal can plug filters and erode or block narrow injector orifices.

The corrosion inhibitors in Dieselex Gold prevent corrosion and rust enabling Dieselex Gold to successfully pass the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) fuel corrosion test (ASTM 665A).

Extends fuel pump and injector life
Since 1993, Dieselex Gold has contained lubricity enhancers. Since that time, the widespread use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels has made the addition of lubricity chemistry even more important. Without proper lubricity, fuel injectors can become hot and seize due to the plunger welding itself to the barrel.

While most fuels meet the minimum standard of ASTM D975, Dieselex Gold easily meets the higher levels of lubricity recommended by the Engine Manufacturer’s Association.

Improves filter and fuel storage life
When diesel fuel and biodiesel blends are stored for longer periods, oxidation eventually causes the formation of gums that darken the appearance of the fuel. In extreme cases, it can give fuel a cloudy appearance, block fuel lines, plug fuel filters and cause an increase in sludge levels on the bottom of storage tanks.

The oxidation inhibitors in Dieselex Gold slow the oxidation process and decrease gum and deposit formation for extended fuel storage life.

Maintain fuel integrity and extend filter life
Thermal stability is less of an issue today as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel is made thermally stable through the
desulfurization process at the refinery. However, that does not mean there are never fuel stability problems.
Recent fuel system technologies cause as much as 50% of the fuel to bypass injectors and recirculate through the fuel rail, where it can be heated to temperatures exceeding 150 °F. Heated fuel oxidizes more rapidly, creating gum and deposits that can plug filters and block fuel lines.

Dieselex Gold’s fuel stabilizing agents work with the oxidation inhibitors to maintain fuel integrity and stability.

Separates “free” moisture from diesel fuel
Moisture infiltrates vehicle and storage tanks in a number of ways, but is almost always present. Dieselex Gold’s demulsifier chemistry causes “free” moisture to drop to the bottom of the fuel storage tank for physical removal. Tests using ASTM D1094 methods, prove the effectiveness of the Dieselex Gold demulsifier.

Carries dissolved moisture through combustion
Moisture in fuel creates an environment for bacterial and microbial growth as well as for corrosion of metal parts and the formation of sludge. In addition to “free” moisture described under “Demulsifiers” above, all fuels contain an amount of “dissolved” moisture. “Dissolved” moisture causes no negative effects to equipment performance or longevity and is essentially invisible to engines and storage tanks.

Moisture control chemistry helps Dieselex Gold dry out tanks by allowing the fuel to carry additional amounts of dissolved moisture. The effectiveness of the chemistry is well documented in the aviation and fleet transportation industries.