Seed Treatment Information

Prince Edward County is in Schedule 1, meaning after August 31, 2017 you are required to have a Professional Pest Advisor complete the pest assessment report for your fields.

For the 2019 planting season you are required to have the following to plant Class 12 seed:

  1. Have completed the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) course.
  2. A signed IPM declaration form
  3. A completed pest assessment report*

*if your property is in Prince Edward County this must be completed by a Professional Pest Advisor

IPM Written Declaration

Pest Assessment Report (version 2)

Pest Assessment Instructions*

*for more information see the videos posted below

If you plant non-Class 12 treated seed (not treated, fungicide only or non-neonic insecticide) there is no required paperwork.

Please note a pest assessment report can either be:

  1. Soil inspection pest report, which must be completed by a Professional Pest Advisor if in Prince Edward County, otherwise an IPM-certified person can complete the report.
  2. Crop inspection pest report, which can only be done by a professional pest advisor
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) course

After August 31, 2016 if a grower wants to buy and use Class 12 treated seed they will be required to have an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) course certification.

The course is offered in both classroom and online settings; there are currently online courses listed on the website. 

To see dates visit :

REMINDER: Class 12 is any corn & soybean seed treated with imidaclprid, thiamethoxam and clothianidin, or commonly known as Cruiser, Stress Shield, Acceleron and Poncho.