Pet Food & Bird Seed

County Farm Centre has a large pet food and bird section to accommodate a vast selection of breeds, ages, and types of pets. Starting with all ages of dogs from puppy to adult, and of course – your long-time friend – seniors. We carry brand names like Iams, Proplan, Beneful, Alpo, Nutro and many more. We have supplies for cats too. There are many types of food and litters to choose from. For those who feed barn cats, “Country Cat” cat food is an excellent choice that will keep them healthy and won’t break the bank.

Ticks and fleas are a constant problem for pet owners in our area. County Farm Centre has collars, drops and powders for these nasty bugs. You can also find regular collars and leashes as well as feeding dishes and of course, plenty of TREATS!

We also stock basic supplies for small animals: rabbits, gerbils and hamsters. This would include food, food dishes, water bottles, and bedding.

Our bird feed section is loaded with feeds and feeders for the many species found in our area. County Farm Centre has everything required for feeding orioles and hummingbirds when they show up in late April to mid-May, determined by the weather of course. This includes the nectar and a wide assortment of feeders.

The regular feeds for birds like blue jays, finch, cardinals and others is available year-round. This includes a variety of suet cakes sold individually and as packages to save you some money. The regular feeds are available in bulk as well as bags, so you can choose the amount that’s right for you and your feathered-friends.

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