When it Comes to Winter, County Farm Centre has you Covered

Shoveling a driveway

Winter can be rough, on our homes, on our tools, our equipment, and our bodies! County Farm Centre offers a wide range of products and services to help you get through the winter.
FS Energy Propane Truck

Home Heating

County Farm Centre offers home fuel delivery. Our fleet of vehicles will deliver propane and heating oil. Our service range goes as far west as Peterborough and Port Hope, north to Bancroft, and east to Kingston. See a more detailed map on our FS Energy page. You can have peace of mind when signing up for automatic fillings. To contact us about home heating, call us at 1-866-924-2322.

At our retail store located at 38 Cold Storage Road, we are a dealer and service provider of Harman Pellet Stoves. Wood Pellet stoves are an excellent option for home heating. We sell both the Harman Pellet Stoves as well as wood pellets to burn.

Portable Heat

Portable HeatersAt our retail store, we feature lots of options to keep you warm. Various models run on electricity and propane-fueled units.

Electrical units can be run in the home and other heaters are meant for more open-air environments.

Portable heaters are a good idea to have on hand in the event of a furnace failure or a power outage.

Around the House

Our retail store is located at 38 Cold Storage Road in Picton where you will find a hardware section. We sell a variety of oils, chainsaw parts, screws, nails, nuts and bolts for all your winter projects.

Shoveling a drivewaySnow Removal

We sell a wide variety of snow shovels to fit your body and abilities when it comes to shoveling. We also have ice scrapers, to remove from icy steps or when excess ice builds up on the driveway. Don’t forget to have course rock salt on hand to melt those icy patches.

For longer driveways, you will find a selection of snow blowers that can really advance your snow removal game.

Winter Clothing

Display of various winter glovesProtecting yourself from the elements with the proper clothing is essential. Hats, gloves, scarves, boots, ice cleats, warm jackets and workwear. If you are working near traffic, you will also find a selection of outer clothing to keep you visible while you are outdoors.

Quality can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping warm. Materials used in products will differ. County Farm Centre carries a wide range of brands that can offer premium materials and durability. Be sure to read the labels and talk to our sales staff about the products and brands we carry.

Wildlife, Pets, and Livestock

Wild Birds

Package of High Energy SuetOur retail store has an extensive selection of wild bird food, feeders, and shelters. Wild birds have so much to offer: local biodiversity as well as winter entertainment when they visit our feeders. High-energy suet is particularly useful for wild birds to keep their energy up in the cold weather.

Pets and Livestock

When it comes to pets and livestock that spend lots of time outside, you may consider getting a heated waterer to ensure they have a water source that does not freeze over.

For some pets and livestock, there may be options for their diet to have higher calories to get them through the colder weather.

County Farm Centre is here to help ease you through winter. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff to discuss any of our products and services to help you make informed decisions.